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Some Tips to Look for in a Cordless Lawn Mower

You might find it difficult where to start if you are planning to purchase a cordless lawn mower, especially you are used to using a corded electric lawn mower or a gas powered lawn mower. Note that there a broad similarities as well as important differences between the traditional lawn mowers and the cordless lawn mowers, that before you decide to purchase a cordless unit you have to take into account these factors, and in this article we will present briefly.

The number one consideration that you have to factor in to check out what kind of lawn do you have, meaning you estimate the size of your lawn and if it is flat or slope.

The battery life of the mower that you are planning to buy should be considered as you think of the size of your lawn. About a third of an acre of lawn can be cut with the best cordless lawn mower, and other factors could make the life of the battery prolong, like how long the grass is during the cutting, and if it is wet or dry.

You can still buy a cordless mower even if your lawn is larger than a third of an acre. The easiest solution to the above concern is to buy a model that features a removable battery and then get a second battery. This way, you can simply swap the batteries as the first one has lost its charge. Batteries can be easily removed and installed and so no need to be concern of this procedure.

Knowing if your lawn is flat or slope because majority of cordless lawn mowers will not propel by itself, unlike the self-propelled gas powered lawn mowers. If your cordless mower is self-propelled, there will be an additional strain on the battery that will lead your ability to mow a good size of area on a single charge.

To compensate the above concern, cordless lawn mowers are made to be lighter than their heavy gas powered mower counterpart, and note that the heaviest part of the mower is the battery. It is pretty easy therefore to push along a cordless lawn mower, but if it you have a slope, check the weight again if think you will have a concern of the condition.

Many of the cordless lawn mowers have a feature of a 3 in1 ability, which refers to how it can dispose grass clippings which start from your choice of cutting the clippings into fine particles to make a mulch, then disperse it over the lawn, or simply dispose the clippings out from the side of the equipment to the lawn , or just collect the clippings in a bag from the rear just like the traditional method.

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