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The Various Uses Associated with Neoprene Synthetic Rubber

You are likely to come across the word ‘neoprene’ if you happen to be a regular water sporting person. The term will be more familiar to the individuals who are regular users of wet suits in all their water sporting activities. Neoprene is a special kind of rubber that is produced artificially. Neoprene synthetic rubber usually has less sensitivity to most of the external environmental factors such as heat when compared to natural rubber. More to that, this rubber is firmer and stiffer than the natural rubber. Neoprene is also associated with several benefits. Firstly, it has waterproofing and water resistance abilities. When there is a need for, for example, insulation or cushioning, neoprene will also come in handy. Synthetically produced neoprene rubber is also associated with buoyancy properties.

Neoprene rubber is used for many purposes. When it comes to the water sports events, most of the wet suits are made from neoprene rubber. Almost every type of wet suits used for the sporting events are made from the neoprene rubber. The extensive use of neoprene during the production of wet suits used in water sporting is backed up by several reasons. The fact that neoprene has a good exposure makes it ideal material for wet suit production. More to that, this rubber is also associated with waterproofing properties and resistance to water. Wet suits made from neoprene tend to be more flexible. The wet suits, therefore, gain the super flex touch. Another property that makes neoprene ideal for wet suit production is buoyancy.

Neoprene is also used during the process of making life jackets. Any life jacket should have one feature which is very crucial which is the water resistance abilities. Since resistance to water is an attribute associated with neoprene, then it becomes an ideal material used when making life jacket. Apart from that, this rubber is also retardant from the fire. The fire retardant property also makes the neoprene rubber an excellent material to be used during the production of life jackets. Other properties that makes neoprene ideal for life jackets production may be resistance to changes in temperatures and sun.

Most of the elbow pads and knee pads are also made using the neoprene synthetic rubber. The reason why neoprene is considered for this is it durability features. Apart from durability, neoprene rubber is also associated with softness and a spongy texture. The the softness of the rubber ensures that the pads are comfortable on the inside. The neoprene rubber may also be used to make the diving suits. Since the rubber is not prone to compression, it becomes an excellent material to make professional diving suits.

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